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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  February 19, 2012 9:30pm-11:00pm EST

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freedom of expression. this is not possible in my view with the side in power. has all kernel actions of the army and particularly the most accurate units as many sunni units are now effectively deployed militarily. he must recognize the popular rejection of his dictatorship and step aside. yesterday they called for arming and is dangerous as we don't know who they all are and what the role that she had used by ms and how this might cause a proy war in iran and hezbollah pouring in wars to the baathist regime and qatar on the islamist insurgents of innocent unarmed christians, otheise not allied to the regime and other minorities from kurds to trees being cut up in a bloody civil war with major reprisals against non-sunni muslims. i would however and that group would support a safe haven for refugees of the no-fly zones
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potentially military possible that the turki border. even that is not clearly achievable at this stage. every of their economic station must be put in place urgently. thank you. >> thank you faring much. i would like to do this from a group of european united one minute. >> thank you, madam president. the council commission is fundamentally paid to any crisis. we know what became of the tater, gadhafi. that crime was because the foreign military intervention. you can't respond to the situation being in the wardrobes. so we will be at those two in a
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foreign military intervention. we are also prized other with the minister said was correct in terms of wanting to stop the repression by president assad. of course we want that. libyan lebanese, iraqis and the head of al qaeda are calling on people in syriato respond to the ministry of the interior has recognized within the border by saudi arabia, can't we see there are all these jyoti forces. transco thank you free much indeed. mr. belleview is the floor for one minute. transco thank you, madam president. the risk of civil war is
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becoming reality in syria. the christian minority is saying there's stone to protect them and make themstop taking on the horizon. what can the european union to add some extent? want to hear what the representative sd this afternoon. the searing opposition you can see there our military divisions. we want the syrian estate to fall apart? there is a real danger there. they tell us that you can't exclude the recommendation that there is an al qaeda presence there now the international community must
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fill out all the stops to stop the bloodshed in syria and force them to come to the negotiating table. otherwise the country is going to fall even further. >> thank you very much. i'd like to the amount name attached. >> thank you, madam president. i'm sure that the likely call it before will be given an extra minute. once upon a time, they were asking for self-determination. now people are asking more extremists jeopardizing the syrian resolution. for me it i very qestionle what i happening, the way al qaeda is using video mssages
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calling on islamist to fight the aside regime. we know where that can lead to our sharia and islamic fundamentalists islamic jihad as they are taking part the uprising. and if they were to take over and i would be disastrous. so the democratic liberals in this country. >> the military intervention would be the worst possible solution. >> a serious dialogue with the side is the only one that could take the powder out of the cake. >> thank you very much indeed. moving on to the other speakers for three minutes. >> thank you, madam president. >> to condemn the aside reime to the russian and chiese was perceived as license on the ground to use heavy weapons to
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discriminate the use of force results in the civilian women or children debtor rented at h russians wanted to put the oppressed and the oppressors of the nuclear footing, condemning both in order as mr. nazarov explained to avoid civil war. the russian leader is achieving just that. desperate oppressed people take desperate measures to defend themselves and the country due to efficiencies that the international community is heading towards a civil war. iran's support of the assad regime as an explanation. did this regime they can manipulate hamas to distribute it to region. but do rational position. let us hope that this is a temporary ands and ordered to boost the candidacy using it as
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a domestic or plateau for domestic consumption. the e.u.'s position is the position of principal. we remain faithful to the policy of support to democracy, human rights and humanitarian concerns to discriminate for us, aiming unarmed civilian. our position is the same as in all other arab spring countries. we have no hidden agenda, but we cannot remain neither in front of a massacre or tantamount to a crime against humanity. they support the arab league initiative than it plans for a political and peaceful transition and for a u.n. arab league corpation on the ground. we have commended the statesmen for further sanctions and restrictive measures to be introduced and intentions to get together without the other
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international lack tears for the productions in this intolerably repression. no regime, which turns its military might against its own people have survived and this one will not either. transco thank you very much. i think to get this over now to mrs. annacone mess. >> thank you. expressing his solidarity forcefully with the srian people, which is decisively resisting the uncivilized aside regime. the regime has bombed cities and hasn't hesitated to torture children. meetings that the u.n. clearly condemned the regime. they called him to stop this
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atrocity against his people. clear his people wanted him to sit down. bashar al-assad had been taken to the icc for crimes against the assyrian people. it should support other regional players and ensure th the u.n. can bring about the decoration of a truce. we messed up in a corridor to openp humanitarian aid and help the country and move towards democratization. this law required logistic support, need and support the e.u. and other regional players such as turkey. we have to back up a legitimate reason for the syrian people. the european union progression china on the spot for al of those shameful opposition to the views of the other members of
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the u.n. secury council which prevented that body carrying out its duty to protect syrian people thereby giving bashar al-assad a license to continue massacring. we need to prevent a civil war. but far from trying to prevent russia is still sending arms to the side. the hyades there is so providing arms for the domestic extremists in the regions trying to to destabilize the whole area. it is just a question of time. the european union needs a strategic vision right now to pl for thepost-aside situation. that's the unity based on national reconciliation in syria and they have to be democratic constitution with the rights including christians and
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eyelids. >> thank you mrs. gomez. i'd like to give it to mrs. gomez for two minutes please. tonight the torture and of unarmed citizens and children in syria is so difficult it has been to find a solution. the e.u. is a strategy. and while no one suggests it's easy and other future is indeed uncertain, we cannot and will not stand by and watch this series defends being splattered fighter jets have been deployed and cutting off water energy, food and medicine supplies, this is a man made disaster for which bashar al-assad is responsible and we must make them stop. president bashar al-assad has mentioned darker priorities and i want to emphasize the important steps that the e.u. can take to step up its own efforts. so irrespective of how china and russia seek to obstruct genuine measures. but it not be the e.u. member
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states who fail to enforce the embargo and sanctions. how do they ship with russian arms to reach syria? that it not be europeans acknowledge company that expert systems used for massive fans censorship tracking and tracing of dissidents, but it not be the same oil to fuel their cars to drive to the grocery store and also fuels the tanks roaming the streets of homes. can the council and commission guarantee the e.u. sanctions and embargoes are enforced? besides the government let one syrian citizens in information work is regime. foreign journalists are of embrace citizen journalists risk their lives to share videos of their freedom cheers and that was slaughtered. ladies and gentlemen, we don't have a way of establishing a precise a man-made disaster in syria, the figures of over 7005
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under inhumane circumstances accounts of in hungary talus enough. these are people like you and i. in an increasingly globalized and connected with the top of the citizens and the middle east under 26, we must be very conscious of who the future generation will remember as the one defending their freedom and rights as though they were our own. >> thank you very much. one minute please. >> thank you, madam president. the dramatic situation in the bloody regime of bashar al-assad cannot be that senate aren't different. we cannot abandon the people. but the suffering will what can we do. we have to denounce the ngos
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and germans can be allowed to circulate freely in syria. we must support people with medicines and food for their lacking and being aware of the fact that even in the countryside, hospitals are under attack. we cannot use this as a weapon and we need to help t up humanitarian safe corridors. finall we must recognize and support thsyrian opposition around the syrian national council so that they can rebuild a state which complies with the needs ofits people and we have told president bashar al-assad responsible for crimes against humanity. >> thank you very much. mr. kaminsky now has one minute. >> mr. president, today we have heard calls for dialue with
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president ade. i think president aside has crossed a red line that can be no more dialogue. the blood of the sa the blood of children tortured in syrian prisons, mea that we cannot talk to presidt aside. we have two say very clearly in this places freedom and democracy, in important ways. we have to say a sidemust go. must be brought to justice and we have to say very cleay that the european union faces an enormous challenge, an enormous question. are we a discussion or are we capable ofdefending the values of which the european union has sent out? and for that reason to, we see clearly that or reaction to our
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global partners our action to russia and china must be a clear signal from the e.u., that if russia a china want to cooperate with us nd we went to cooperate with them, and they china and russia ministries at the values that we respect your thank you. >> the next speaker has one minute commissary. >> translator: madam president, ladies and gentlemen very many members quite rightly asked what exactly can the european union do. but the question should be put to ourselves. if we were in the council's position on the commission's position, we would also be wondering what to do. the european union is entering the initiative because it hasn't managed to have a common will and common foreign policy. ..
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if the european union does not have its own credibility and ability to defend itself, then it will continue to oscillate between a position of the intervention and observer. both of them are harmful for syria. >> thank you. i can't see him in the house. mr. brook you have the floor
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for three minutes. ree minutes. >> mr. president, president in office of unsel comissioner i think the portrayal is clear. i don't need to repeat how this regime is beginning to words one. the regime and is family a clan which regards the state as its private property. we must encourage the regime to implode. that means the international community needs to make sure that there is he u.s. surity council resolution. russia should be a global player in the middle east conflict and
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not just looking after the interests of one part. the european union should cooperate with the arab league. the european union should support the arab league resolution put before the u.n. security council. it's only their the binding inrnational law can be made and i think also the cooperation with turkey and the arab league are the way forward. we can't make this a western strategy. we should accept the leadership and work with turkey. ladies and gentlemen, we have experienced from egypt and the
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libya. we need to cultivate a dialogue wi the opposition. mrs. gomez was talking about minority rights. minority rights and freedom of religion and should be respected. we don't want christians to be persecuted under the islamic regime. that means we need early dialogue with the opposition. the opposition must cmmit itself to building a state that is not going to be built on injustice but i think is an important issue. he should be worried about what is going to happen in the future. there are minorities that feel safe under a side. we need to be clear and they will have a future in the post
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syria. i hope we will succeed in that endeavor. thank you. [applause] thank you, mr. brooks. the next speaker for one-and-a-half minutes. >> thank you. we are falling russia and china's use of the veto in the security council. the situation seems to be dragging out and undoubtably there will be further dramatic events. dissention doesn't seem to impress the regime yet but pressure is increasing. first of all there's the streaking arab league in turkey that there be no doubt about the fact of the economicsnctions are actively weakening the number which support the regime
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and the isolation is increasing but we need to do is increase the pressure. we also have to step up pressure on the countries such as russia and china who are clearly standing in the way of the prer international settlements we should perhaps think in terms of the blacklist of the concerns who are still sending arms to syria or supporting the regime in other ways. given the complexity of the country, its position in the region and of the minorities that it has been said to it is necessary to hold out a clear prospect of the new syria within which the minorities who are now doubtful as to whether they should abandon the regime will also feel at home. in the shorter term while last point is impornt for us as the opinion to make the humanitarian
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support finding food and medicine in the quarter as we need to open up. and again to go to the arab league we must aply pressure. thanyou. >> the next speaker. >> thank you president. like egypt we have had a strong army and in fact libya has nothing including massaing the islam people. europe's role in dealing with the toughest headache from the arab spring is we have to make sure we don't make mistakes, that's the starting point. then we need to be credible and responsible. as far as credibility is concerned how can we preach to russia and china -- in china how
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did she bring them on board the u.n.? she didn't at all. and they are helping the regime. you can see this and they're still getting the substitution of the governments and how you talk up the humanitarian strategy? when the refugee camps for the palestinians and syria which represent the regi and we can't find the consensus in the corridors to help them and the assyrian refugees. we need credibility and responsibility, and there has to be action from the european union if we are to solve the puzzle of syria. >> thank you the next speaker for one minute. >> thank you president. before t parliament today contains a number of important elements, but there's one issue that was not accepted by eda
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groups. they refuse the inclusion where we would assert the clear opposition to any military intervention from outside the country. that is why we have no guarantee there won't be repetition of the course of events we saw nor leave a guarantee that the union won't again played a similar role that it played in libya. clearly syria and libya are very different countries. but we know precisely because of the differences that the war in syria could constitute the role for the whole region. and we all know that it is with iran. so whave to take the legitimate desire of the people to have a new space regime to try to remodel the whole region that's an idea the was started
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when iraq tarted by the way. if you are on the ide of he syan people and the regime you come up with the war. islamic thank you. mr. molosovich for one minute. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i hpe that we have the extra minute from mr. pereira. can i have two minutes. >> is it possible for me to speak for two minutes as he was not here? >> thank you. a brief analysis first to look at what is happening in syria. in syria about a thousand people have lost their lives. of whom several hundred have been children. 200,000 people are missing 7,000 people have been rrested. syria doesn't have water or
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electricity. civilians are not getting killed because they are being shot at. people's homes are bng attacked by artilleries. it is impossible to reach the wounded and people who are fleeing are being shot at by snipers. the international situation we are seeing mercenaries, iranian mercenaries fighting. there is russia that's still selling equipment and there is still meant in the united nations where the resolution has been vetoed. what is th answer? mr. austins representative talked about this and so did my colleagues. we have to help the opposition and the sanctions against the syrian regime. we have to negotiate with russia
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and china and think about taking the esident to the hague. that needs time but we need to think about something for now r tomorrow to stop the killing of civilians. i think we have to force the president to open up humanitarian corridors. he has to open up the city's. we have to see the reduction in the number of death and a deal to bring humanitarian assistance to the people. thank you. >> thank you. you now have two minutes. >> thank you president. i would like to think that the democracy will give you unanimous support in determining defining the actions of the
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regime as they repress the people and we must respect for the human dignity in the face of the massacre. the whole international community must keep up pressure on the regime by applying restrictions the killing must stop. that is a non-negotiable point. a democratic will require a period of transition and the minorities. applying more measure to the syri overnment can only be agreed fall countries are going the same direction. and clearly unfortunately that not the case. as well as the thousands of deaths, with the two resolutions having been rejected at the united nations, we are still containing what they are becoming ever more isolated in the shameful upport for the
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syrian regime. the regime is besieged but it's still the running the country. in the international community we are powerless to bring an end to the genocide of the people. we've delayed action by the community and need to get more decisive support to the arab league and its intention to send a peacekeeping force to syria. we must give the full support to the humanitarian action to reduce the sufferi of people. and the international criminal court must admittedly open the proceedings to bring all of those who bear the responsible against the crimes of humanity. there's those supporting the should be subject to the ban on the trade between the european union and in the russian or chinese companies dealing with that regime. thank you. >> thank you. the next speaker for one and a half minutes.
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>> thank you president. we knew that the regime was an abomination and eyewitnesses or outside of the european parliament were able to talk to some of them so we've known for some time what is going onand syria come in and we also know that the syrian leaders have committed crimes against humanity. what can the european union to? one thing is certain it's not enough just to decide this humanitarian assistance however important that may be. i think that we know that the military action is not the alternative of the united
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nations in the european union together with others set up a political front can use all means available and imaginable. to ensure that this country which is so dependent on the outside world can be influenced. we have information which is available and must be made available. and we must show solidarity. we must bring pressure on china and the russian federation and and we must put an end to the arms trafficking toward syria and we need >> the european parliament passed a resolution the who
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poses new sanctions on the syrian government. it also urges cutting off of my third contact with the country. the general assembly voted to condemn the actions and calling for president bush here all of saab -- president assad to step down. on friday secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. is evaluating a letter from iran and staging a desire to resume talks on the nuclear program. speaking to reporters secretary clinton called the letter an important step. she also commented on the death of "the new york times"
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reporter in syria. the pulitzer prize winner died thursday from an apparent asthma attack. >> it is always a pleasure to welcome my friends and colleagues from the european union here to washington. we always have a lot to discuss common and -- a lot to discuss and we are always relying on each other because i said europe remains america's partner of first resort on all global challenges we are confronting together. i know kathy understands. we have a very comprehensive discussion. when you run over a few of the issues.
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-- let me run over a few of the issues. i will turn first to iran. we are grateful for the ashton on her leadership for p5+1. the international community has been looking to iran to demonstrate it is prepared to come to the table in a constructive way. and we have been reviewing the proposal to resume talks on nuclear activities and consulting closely between us and with our other p5+1 partners. this response from the iranian government is one we have been waiting for and if we do proceed, it will have to be a sustained effort but can produce results. turning to cirio i know the representatives joinery and condemning in the strongest possible terms the on going
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violence. i also want to extend our sympathies to the family and to "the new york times" for his untimely death. he was someone i always turn to and read very carefully, and if i did not have the time when i got to the press reporting, i would put it aside and read it, and because he had his goals on what was happening. yesterday's un general assembly vote demonstrated an overwhelming international consensus of the bloody assault must end. in the face of global condemnation the regime in damascus appears to be escalating its assault on civilians, and those that are suffering cannot get access to the health they deserve. we will work to support the
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opposition and provide relief to the people of syria. i will be attending the friends of syria conference internees the next week, where a number of nations will work to testify pressure on the regime and to mobilize the humanitarian relief that is needed. we also hope to coordinate efforts to enable a syrian-led transition during good -- syrian-led transition before the actions tear the country apart. we are looking for an inclusive, democratic process. alternately, our shared values are the bedrock of our cooperation, and we are promoting those values together and. we also discussed the situation in the balkans. we share the view the the future of syria and cosimo lies with the european union, and we
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strongly support the dialogue the eu is leading to try to advance integration for serbia and kozosovo. we are encouraging both sides to remain open to compromise. we have a long list of what we discussed, but i will end it there and turn it over to lady pashtun with my appreciation for her leadership and a great partnership we have. >> can i say what a pleasure it is to be back here with you? it is extremely significant we are meeting today, because we meet after having received a letter from where ran from october. he said, we are consulting
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colleagues and analyzing closely what this would mean. get let me say the i think it is good to see the letter arrived and there is a potential possibility a round may be ready to start talks. -- iran may be ready to start talks. we will continue to make sure what we are looking at is substantial, but i am cautious and optimistic of the same time. this also demonstrates the importance of the twin track approach, but the pressure we have put on together, the sanctions that have been put there because it is the responsibility of the international community i believe has the effect, of but we have called for talks. as you said, syria is a cause for an enormous concern, and we
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feel extremely concerned about the level of violence and terror in that country. we have been very clear the president should step aside and enable every together of the people of syria, a process that could take the country forward. i want to commend the secretary general of the arab league, who has shown great leadership in bringing together the arab community, working together with the international community to demonstrate leadership on the ground. i hope the meeting next week will give us a chance to consider how we can support humanitarian leadership, and i will be working with the u.s. and the arab league, as we did through the situation in libya on the humanitarian side with
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the challenges we face. i hope you will also try to see the situation in syria and. there are hundreds of things on our agenda of all time. as we keep in constant touch we can deal with only some of them at every meeting. the situation in kosovo is very important. we believe the future lies in the european union. the team we have got is working closely to try to support both in their future. i hope there will be able to work on the plan that will enable serbia to become a candidate, that will enable kosovo to move forward with trade when eventually see a future hall of the european union. -- and eventually see a future with the european union.
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>> there are no preconditions yet you seem hesitant to embrace this. do you think the letter is not sincere, and what more do you need to see -- and what next steps has the need to see before those talks began? >> i think we have both said we are a valuating the response, and our unity has been absolutely critical in dealing with iran in the past. it remains so going forward. it takes time to consult in a thorough manner so we need to give time to our partners in the
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p5+1 process to do their own of valuation, -- to do their own of valuation, but we need to be clearer about two things. first, any conversation with iran has to begin with a discussion of its nuclear program, and iran's response does appear to acknowledge and a seventh set. good -- and accept that. we must make sure we see a sustained effort by a run to work until we have reached an outcome but -- a sustained effort by a roundiran until we have
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reached an outcome. i think it is fair to say we think this is an important step, and we welcome the letter. >> we see the things you have seen in the letter, no preconditions and recognition of what we will be talking about but the next question is a look at where we left off in is in both, and you will recall we put out a series of things iran could do that would help them move forward. we also said they could come forward with their own ideas about what they wanted to do, so this was a genuine open process. the evaluation is also about thinking where did we leave office? where do we need to go next to?
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we need to set up a process where we can be clear what it is we need to achieve and what we are expecting from the iranians, and that is what we are in the process of the right now. when we were talking in istanbul, there were two sets of issues. one was the support for the nuclear program, and that has always been part of what we were offering. >> i wonder what your messages to the embattled presidency who of syrian cities -- to the residents of syrian cities. would it not be more fair to say you are on your own? do not expect our healthlp?
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>> i am not sure that would be an honest response. an honest response would be the we are absolutely clear about asking president of saab to step aside. we will be working as closely as -- president of sassad to step aside. we will be working closely. we have encouraged them to try to monitor the situation, and there are discussions between the un and the arab league about how to take the to the future. we need to do everything we possibly can to help. i think that is absolutely right. good we have marshaled the great weight of international opinion against when the regime -- against the regime, so i want the people of syria to
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understand and believe there are tens of millions of people around the world who are seized with a terrible situation they find themselves in, and we have not been deterred by the vigo's in the security council. we are moving forward with the friends of syria. they are not being abandoned. we are doing all we can to determine ways forward, to strengthen the opposition, to help them conveyed to the entire syrian population that they are seeking an inclusive of peaceful democratic transition and those that are fearful of the future, which is understandable whether they be sunni christian, kmer kurdsurds or
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any other, have to come together to establish a credible opposition that can serve as their voice in dealing with the regime and the outside, so i think we have to be humble. this takes a large dose of humility to say we do not have all the answers, and we cannot even imagine the terrible experiences people are going through with their children and grandparents under such an assault, but we are doing whatever we can to help pave the way to a better future for syria. thank you all very much. i have a good weekend -- >> have
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a good weekend. >> on saturday, secretary clinton responded to the un general assembly vote, calling for the syrian president to step down. secretary promised to keep working to pressure and isolate the regime, to support the opposition, and to provide relief for the people. the growth every clinton -- secretary clinton will head to the capital of to join in the first friends of syria conference. coming up, a discussion of tax reform and an "q&a." this includes charles oveandevan
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and victor denoble. and then a discussion in parliament about imposing new sanctions on syria. monday on " the washington journal" our guests include robert shapiro on the impact of the eurozone crisis on the u.s. economy, trade and thanks. and the president of the research council on the issues important to social conservatives in the run-up to elections and the senior correspondent who will talk about the president's proposed $36 billion in cuts for the federal air marshals service and how the program has evolved since 9-11.
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>> this president's day who of former navy seal talks about his new book on the mission and resulted in the killing of osama bin laden. >> one thing that promoted me to write his book is that by august this had metastasized into a story who about them blowing their way into the building after shooting for 30 or 40 minutes, finally shooting their way through the building to the third floor where the wounded of man's wife and child in cold- blooded. that did not sound like the mission to me, sir talking to guys that were there on the scene, this was over in 120 seconds, quite a different story. >> see his remarks as part of our prime time lineup. it also occluded a debate on
10:22 pm
whether to prosecute wall street banks for mortgage fraud, plus a discussion about the man whose facebook page wallace -- supposedly influenced revolution. >> lcv stands for local content vehicle. the purpose is to collect programing out of washington, d.c. we staff each of these with one person with a small video camera and a laptop ataturk, so they are able to record from the road. i wanted to do it to get outside of washington and color programming for all of our networks. we will descend on the city with all three vehicles. one will do his three
10:23 pm
programming. the other will do booktv, catching up with offers, and the other one does community relations of vents. but as important because we work with cable operators. the last thing is the this goes on our web site, and what we are also doing is expensive social media. you will see us on facebook. you will see for square tell people where we are going. you will see us on a quicker as well. that is a chance to get out our mission on air and on line as well. that is why it is important to really make a commitment to getting on a side of the beltway to produce programming for all of this season and an -- getting outside the beltway to produce programming for all of it.
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>> grover norquist join us this morning with his thoughts on the president's 2013 budget and the payroll tax cut extension which passed the house and senate on friday. this is half an hour. >> your reaction? >> there are two key questions. one is are we going to expand the tax holiday for one more year. on that one republicans and democrats said yes but then they said, we will extended for a full year, and here is the spending reduction so it does not increase the deficit.
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it was the democratic senate which said, we are not going to do that. someone from the process and -- from the press of the republicans wanted to extend the tax cut. everybody agreed. the problem is common to we raise taxes and a permanent tax increase was the proposal. the agreement was they do not pay for it with either spending cuts or tax increases. the first question, should you expend a holiday. the second question is, should we spend less or tax more? the democrats want to tax more. the republicans want to spend less. but as the debate we have had. i am with the republicans who want spending cuts.
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that is not where the democrats are. goodhost: the number is on the bottom of the screen. we will get to the calls. republicans there are the numbers. goodjust a reminder about some of the details in the payroll tax cut deals, it is a 10-month extension for the rest of the year through the payroll tax holiday. it would extend unemployment benefits through this year, and the would avoid a 27% drop in medicare fees. they talk about $50 billion in offsets to pay for unemployment benefits, and then there is a reduction in unemployment coverage. you would go from 99 63 states
10:27 pm
and moderately impacted, and then the states with the highest rates. new federal workers would contribute more to their pension plans, and the government would sell off part of the spectrum to industry. and what else you want to react to? >> we ought to have more of the spectrum swiss telecommunications region with tele-communications. a lot of it was not made available to the american people so we might want this sunday. also technology has made it easier to put stuff together on the spectrum. getting it sold off should have happened a long time ago. this crisis forced out of doors but it is a waste of taxpayer money, resources the government could have had by selling it off
10:28 pm
and making it available to everyone. that is an important one. goodcutting it by is a step and the right direction -- cutting it back is a step in the right direction. >> it says the tax holiday set up a harder hit, something they are calling taxmageddon. 160 million workers will be scared. they are facing an even bigger tax hit in january. they joined a long list of levees already set to sharply and abruptly go up. >> that makes the 2012 election all about what the direction of the country is. it is not like somebody gives a speech and you say obama might
10:29 pm
do this and the republican candidate might do something else. we know if you reelect president obama taxes are going to jump up by one trillion dollars over night, and the tax reductions this appear automatically, and it is the two trillion dollar tax hike over the next decade. obama claims he wants to restore some of the. he has not made in a single permanent, so why do you believe he would want to let anyone keep fat. he said he wants to tax some people but that is a tax increase, so right now it looks like the house would take the senate in 2012 because they only need four seats. only 10 republicans are up. the only one the democrats might be able to beat is scott brown.
10:30 pm
of the 23 states where democrats have to win more than half of them could easily go republican, so you are looking at a republican house and senate, which allows a massive tax increase. good>> loves to talk about including some comments made about you last -- lots to talk about including some comments made calls in first. caller: i need a minute. first, i want to remind everyone that mr. norquist said that people can give up charities if they're stupid enough to give money away. if he were in venezuela, his job
10:31 pm
would be dictator. i hurting just the last week for so saying that you're not concerned to the president might be as long as he has enough digits to hold a 10. because the policy they want in congress you can use the right president who knows how to sign legislation. my question, apart from all of the questions i could ask you -- i could debate for five hours -- my question is, if we have gasoline exports being our biggest export, should we not do something about preventing exports of gasoline so the price does not go up too much in the short term? tell me, are there real
10:32 pm
americans or is it adjusted the biggest corporations and the richest people -- guest: most of what you said, i am sorry, not true. you did sort of quote me generally accurateaccurately in giving a speech atcpac. this is not one of those reagan voices bush arguments about the direction of the party. although republicans running this time are running as reagan republicans. they want to lessen taxes and spending to be reformed so it is less expensive. they want to reduce the regulatory burden. they want more energy, not less.
10:33 pm
the point being that all the republicans are generally moving in the same zone. that is why republicans can have this serial monogamy where they followed with one candidate and then another and then another. because they all want to move in the same direction. republicans will become a congress-driven party, as the democrats have been for 50 years. oh, as president -- obama, as president, has been allowed to make two decisions. other than that, the democratic congress roads and passed the stimulus bill. he signed it. they wrote and past dog-franc -- dodd-frank, he signed it.
10:34 pm
obama signed what was present in the bill that congress enacted. the republican party will be more like that were congress will be coming up with ideas and passing legislation and republicans will sign it. host: gov. norquist with americans for tax reform is our guest. guest: the deficit that the obama people will have $1.30 trillion this year. they hope in the future it will come down. but this deficit which the president said he would cut in half, has actually doubled since he walked in.
10:35 pm
and it continues on a trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can say. with the president did do in his budget, he came up with another stimulus proposal. today, there are more than a million more people not working that on the day he took office. unemployment can -- you can see the unemployment has gone down because more people have stopped looking. more than a million people fewer are working today than when he came in. the only reason the unemployment number looks -- worse than it was when he came in, but better in the last couple months -- because people have quit looking. there is a real challenge. the "stimulus spending" did not
10:36 pm
help. he wants more tax credits than solendra is being subsidized with pared. president obama's budget shows like a "seinfeld" episode. more taxes, more spending, more solendra trust spending. >>caller: i would really like to know how they justifiedy raising taxes or raising spending when we are hurting so much and they think that is ok, that that is what we need to do. guest: remember obama and the democrats have a theory called
10:37 pm
jansenism. if you go to the economy and take a dollar -- called can indianismkeynesianism. if you go to the economy and take a dollar and they've -- they believe that when they take money out of the economy from somebody who earned it and give it to somebody who is politically connected, the chicago way of budgeting, they think it is not only chicago politics of taxing people who did not vote for you and handing it off to people who did not voted to, they magically make two dollars for every dollar they took. host: i just have a comment for
10:38 pm
don grover. you keep wanting to mention solendra but you do not mince in detroit. general motors is one in the world again could you -- in the world again. imagine that. guest: the u.s. is number one in a lot of industries where it is not getting millions of dollars in subsidies. we could have made solendra successful if we had put in
10:39 pm
another $10 billion and passed a law requiring people to buy their products and getting tax credits for it. you can grow bananas in minnesota if you put enough tax subsidies into it. you can build the pyramids if you use enough force to make people do something. the idea of throwing tens of billions of dollars into something -- what about all the small businessmen and never got a chance to start a business because the resources that may -- that they might have used to start their careers, to start their first job, what you think of the americans -- the fewer americans are working today since obama took office because he handed off jobs to political friends? $800 billion in the stimulus package and the total number of unemployed people went up. >>host: "how grover concord washington."
10:40 pm
they spent a lot of time talking about the pledge. guest: the taxpayer protection pledge is a short statement that simply says i will vote against and opposed tax increases tax reform yes tax increases and no. 280 members of the house have signed the pledge to their voters. harry reid did not. the promise is to the voters and the american people. and all the republicans running for president have made this commitment in writing as well. so the year -- so if the republicans told the house, and i think there will, and they get the senate, they will not pass a tax increase.
10:41 pm
remember when you had senator kerry and the other senators in ranking of 12th super committee last fall obama possible was $1.50 trillion in tax increase that they would have called tax reform. the insistence was not to reduce rates. it was raising taxes $1.50 trillion. if someone says that there for tax reform if they have not signed the pledge, ask them if they're really talking about is a tax increase. host:guest:[video clip]
10:42 pm
feliz what you really think when you see the sacred role of money in the system. you know that eventually it will have to be put back. you cannot cover it with spectrum life and things. yet the borrowed money from the feds. i want to know how you will do that and when you do put it back, it will be called a tax increase. grover norquist ocala a tax increase. -- and grover norquist will call it a tax increase. grover cannot do anything to you. the only thing he can do is defeat you in re-election. if that means more to you than your country, you should not be in congress. host: your reaction to alan simpson. guest: he is obama's appointment
10:43 pm
to run the commission to come up with tax increases that are supposed to be spending reductions. that commission never put anything in the this letter writing. paul ryan, the republican congressman from wisconsin was on the commission. he read the outline and said that this is a $2 trillion tax increase. and the spending cuts are iffy and they're not written down. so he voted against it. the republicans in the house actually passed a budget that paul ryan developed which over the next decade -- a light obama's budget -- reduces $6 trillion dollars of obama's overspending, does not raise taxes, allows for tax reform, taking the individual corporate rate down to bring as competitive with the rest of the world. all but four republicans voted
10:44 pm
for. the senate and house have not passed a budget in three years. the republicans in congress have passed a budget that takes spending further 25% gdp to 20%. it undoes the damage of the early obama years. there is larger restraint through reforming government like we did with welfare reform. it does for medicaid and food stamps and housing subsidies, 77 different means tested programs which was done for welfare with clinton and the republicans. so these are very serious reforms. former senator simpson never wrote a budget down, never put it in legislative language, ignores that republicans have passed a budget in the house and is very good. we do not need to raise taxes to
10:45 pm
bring spending down. we need to bring spending down to bring spending down. host: be carried from -- jared from wisconsin. caller: this man is a post carpetbagger. he has been doing this for years. guest: from massachusetts. but i never got further south than washington, d.c. caller: the bush tax cuts were leveraged toward the wealthiest americans. this has been the policy of your group and you do not represent all republicans but a certain segment. continue to rid themselves of any tax burden, shifted onto the middle class, strangle the middle class with stagnating wages and you continually have a willing work force that is working for less and less all
10:46 pm
the time. you talk about first-rate people trying to start small businesses -- talk about frustrating people trying to start small businesses, the middle class can take anymore of this. you're nothing but a carpetbagger and you represent a small percentage -- host: let's give grover norquist a chance to defend themselves. this guest: this is like a person who learns a big word in high school. i do not think that is quite what he means. several things, first of all over 95% of republicans have signed the pledge. the modern republican party is committed to not raising your taxes. because of the tea party movement and the ron paul movement of reinvigorating the republican party in the last three years, the republicans swept the house, picked up six
10:47 pm
senate seats, picked up senate seats and governors in 2010. 2010 was as dramatic and perhaps more dramatic for the modern republican party than 1994 or even 1980. while the republicans have learned to never raise taxes the democrats just spend the money, they have not learned under bush that the target, the goal, the metric you're supposed to measure and pay attention to its total government spending. and the tea party and ron paul guys came over and stop them on the side the head -- and slap them on the side of the head and said this idea that there's some wing of the modern republican party that the democrat think tank things was to spend more money is not true. you have a united republican party that will raise your taxes and post-bush thanks to the tea party and the rumpled as is committed to rein in
10:48 pm
spending. it is a big difference. host: georgia. caller: grover, it is good to see you this morning. how're you doing this morning? i am doing great. guest: you're not going to call me a carpetbagger, are you? caller: the georgia legislature passed the 2% tax for transportation legislation and there is a whole new government regional and eliminates whole role because -- no representation on the regional board and mary's us to corrupt destruction down the road. the one thing about it is that it is extortion because it does not pass. how does this whole thing present tax increase and by and
10:49 pm
georgia, a gop legislature, fit in the pledge. did they take you to the hotel where they keep all the abuse and the hookers? guest: no, they did not. i assume the caller was kidding about the last comment, but the first part of the conversation was very real. there was a measure on the ballot in the upcoming election that would dramatically increase taxes in georgia, which is not competitive anymore with its neighboring states of tennessee and florida because of its tax policy. it is a sales tax increase supposedly for transportation. but of course, we know that when you promise to put something on the roads and government gets more money, that money more often disappears in another direction. this is an effort to great
10:50 pm
regional governments that are less responsive to the people of georgia and to the county. georgia will vote down this tax increase and then come back to the table and focus on making transportation a priority in georgia, which it is not. when the politicians as i care about transportation and will not put another dollars in transportation unless you give me a tax increase, i just told you that transportation is the least important thing on the budget as far as he or she is concerned and there's no way is no fat, and no other program to get rid of, only money for roads with the tax increase. the politician says that this makes transportation the most important thing. but he tells you that it is the least important thing. i hope that georgia defeat the
10:51 pm
measure. it is a large tax increase and a big mistake. host: is that anybody that you can get behind in the presidential run? guest: any republican nominee. they are all moving in the direction of bringing rates down and not having it be a tax increase. the proposal i like best is a 20% flat tax, business and individual, no death tax, no capital gains tax. that would be a real driver for economic growth. host: your group spent $180,000 on the congressional races. what about this year? will you increase the credit? guest: in 2010 we spent about $8 million informing voters on where -- on state legislative
10:52 pm
races. in off-year elections, it would be less. we have a goal of trying to raise and spend $10 million this year to make sure that voters understand where congressmen and senators and state legislators are on the tax issue. host: on twitter -- guest: the tax issue is a very important issue. it has been since the tea party in this country. americans for tax reform, what we have been able to accomplish, is to make it easy for any voter in america to look a candidate and say that person is with me on not raising my taxes or against me.
10:53 pm
the pledge does not move around. newsmax did that one piece very nicely. "60 minutes" did a profile. alan simpson goes around as my pr agent claiming that republicans will not vote for a tax increase because i don't like it. news flash. the republicans will not vote for a tax increase because republicans got elected promising voters there would not be raising taxes. if i decide to go next month it would change nothing. the republicans are committed to not raising taxes. all republicans running for president would be against raising taxes and for tax reform. it is an attempt to personalize a policy issue, which is silly but it does allow us to focus on the real issue. the tax issue is a powerful
10:54 pm
issue. the pledge highlights and makes it clear. it shuns the spotlight on every candidate or incumbent it -- it shuns the spotlight on every candidate and incumbent. caller: i have followed mr. norquist for years. unfortunately, as smart as he is, he chooses to put on a persona that he is smug. it would be easier if he just answered people's questions with integrity. guest: if you have a question, i will answer with integrity and everything. caller: you talk of patriotism and how we owe the country this and that. but you have not expressed a kind of patriotism have exhibited in your life. what gives you the right to talk or have a position on what other people should be doing? taxes are an important thing. that is obvious. we all know that. you make a presumption that people world -- that people will recover from this problem has
10:55 pm
been treated. we remind people what happened between the years 2000 and 2008 and what will be different when we have the same players like mr. boehner and the rest of his group? guest: first of all, we will not have the same players. president bush had many strengths, but keeping spending down was not on his to do list. the purchase he took were driven by some of the interests that he had -- no child left behind -- not those of the republican house and senate. we have a dramatically different group of people in the republican party, in leadership. look around the country. chris christi, that is someone with decades of overspending and over pension promises and bankrupt pension system and a teachers union that spent time raising pension teachers dues and not teaching kids. bobby jindal in louisiana
10:56 pm
breaking through bureaucracy taking one of the most corrupt state in the nation and turning it around in very helpful ways. rick. texas tech $15 billion out of overspending in the last two- year budget moving forward. in pennsylvania, reducing spending not raising taxes in the last budget. scott walker and rick scott in wisconsin and florida reforming education, getting rid of the tenure system which says that you cannot fire teachers that do not teach and putting students and parents in the center, not the teachers' union in the center. everybody had to pay the teachers union money to buy their insurance and that was in contracts and so on. that was a real slush fund. they put an end to that because we should be focused on students and not the teachers' union leadership and what they want in terms of cash out of the education system.
10:57 pm
so we have a dramatic strength in the republican party committed to not only bringing taxes down permanently not handing a little tax credits here or there, but also spending restraint. the paul ryan budget is a road map for word to undo the damage of the obama over-spending and also drifting in the wrong direction, you're quite right during the bush years, it was overspent and it was not right. host: president for the americans for tax reform. thank you for joining us. >> this president's day on c- span, former new york gov. eliot spitzer talks about whether to prosecute mortgage banks for mortgage fraud. >> i/o is he to bring up occupy wall street, but they had a sign down there -- i always hate to bring up occupy wall street but they had a sign down there that
10:58 pm
made sense. we know that corporations are people when texas executes one. [laughter] the problem we have right now is that we have given corporations all of the upside, but none of the downside. we have given them the rights and privileges that we extend to individuals. yet when it comes to holding them accountable, because of the diffusion of responsibility, because of the layers and buffers built-in by lawyers accountants, investment bankers all of them do their job in good faith coming it is difficult to ascribe criminal intent. just as in the financial side we say that you keep the downside and we will guarantee you too big to fill on the downside. in the criminal context, we say you do bad things and we have no way of holding responsible. >> see his remarks as part of our wall street lineup. -- part of our presidents day
10:59 pm
lineup. it begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> joined american history tv on monday for 24 hours of america's first lady including an interview with eleanor roosevelt at 4:45 p.m. eastern. >> i think like everything else, we started out excepting that the united states -- the united nations would solve every difficulty just by being the united nations. >> tour the white house quarters with laura bush appeared nancy reagan reminisces about her husband at a 8:30. american history tv monday, president's day, on c-span 3. >> on this president's day weekend, head to the c-span facebook page. feliz to you think w


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